SOP 007: How to Teach Kids About Money. An interview with financial advisor, Neal Clemens.

M oney. What emotion or thought comes to mind when you hear that word? Money is one area that the whole; “more is caught than is taught” thing really plays out. So, WHAT are you teaching your kids about money? Because you are teaching them stuff…but are you being intentional and positive about it? This podcast episode will help you think about the financial education you are giving your kids.

What are you teaching your kids about money? The key is intentionality.











In This Episode

  • We have an interview with Neal Clemens, a financial advisor, to talk about how to approach the issue of teaching our kids about their relationship with money.
  • A proactive parenting tip to help you be more joyful in your calling as parent
  • Some community news from the world of Family Life University
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Proactive Parenting Tip


Parenting is hard, having 2 toddlers, we get that. And, sadly, it can be very easy to loose sight of the joy that parenting brings. But the Bible is clear that when we live our lives rooted in Christ we will experience joy.

So, how do you couple the fact the living in Christ brings joy, with the stress and weariness that parenting brings? Well, there are 2 tips here that we KNOW will help you in this department.

1) Who are you parenting FOR? The Bible is clear the we are do to all things for the glory of God, and that we are to be guided by Him. And that you can do “all things” through Him who gives you the strength to do them. But God will not give you strength to do things that are out of alignment with His word. If you are not experiencing joy in your parenting, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “Am I doing this FOR and THROUGH God’s glory?” For many parents, this is their issue. They are trying to raise their kids for their own glory, or to satisfy others, instead of for the glory of the FATHER of their children.

2) Who are you parenting AGAINST? Here’s the clincher folks, “Comparison robs you of your joy”. When you look at another family and measure up your parenting to theirs, or your kids to theirs, NOTHING good will come of it. You will either feel insignificant and inadequate or you will feel proud and boastful. Neither of these are a God-like attitude to have. Instead of comparing your parenting or kids to others ask yourself “Am I the parent that God made me to be? Am I doing the BEST that I can at this?”

Joy is not happiness, there might be times when you are sad, stressed, angry, or disappointed in your own parenting or your kids, but you can STILL be joyful through those. James says to count even the hard times as joyful, because through those you will learn perseverance and your faith can mature. Look to God for your parenting, and parent for an audience of 1, then you will increase the joy-factor in your parenting.



Featured Segment


In this episode we interviewed Neal Clemens. As a financial advisor, Neal is comfortable with giving advice about money. But what about teaching your kids about money? Hear about why this is so important and learn a few tips to help you along the way.


Eric’s Takeaway:

For Eric it comes right back to More Is Caught Than Is Taught. As parents we want to make sure our kids not just see how we handle money but get to hear how we decide about money issues.

I mentioned Smart Money Smart Kids, the new book by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze.











Marissa’s Takeaway

Marissa really likes the lesson of value. You work, you get money. You reap what you sow. We need to teach our kids that we do a good job for our employers because we aren’t entitled to money; we work for it.


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Question: How do you handle, or plan to handle, the money-relationship in your home? Do you have any tips or advice for parents just starting out on this venture?

Our Guest Is

Neal Clemens












Neal is an independent financial advisor and a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) with more than 30 years experience. He founded Covenant Financial Advisors, and has specialized in serving primarily the needs of pastors and congregations for more than 20 years. Neal, his wife Stephanie, and their daughter Joy, make their home in Walnut Creek, OH.

You can email Neal.

We are excited to share an extended interview with Neal.  If you have any questions, send Marissa or I (Eric) an email here.


Extended Interview