SOP 004: Homeschooling, Is It Right For Your Family? (And, Some Tips To Get Started)

As school violence and bullying continues to rise, many parents are asking the questions; “Is homeschooling the right answer for our family?”  In this episode we explore homeschooling and the hot issue of socialization with homeschool expert; Devin Dabney the host of the Connected Homeschooling Podcast.  

Do you and your spouse have the same goals for your marriage?

In This Episode


  • An interview with Homeschooling Dad and expert Devin Dabney.
  • 10 Free Tickets to giveaway for The Parenting Expo in Cleveland April 26th and 27th 2014.
  • A couple highlights from the Family Life University Community
  • The proactive parenting tip is about


Homeschool; What's right for you?


Our next speaking event is at the Parenting Expo in Cleveland Ohio at the I-X Center April 26th and 27th.

Parent Expo Cleveland

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We mentioned we met Dr G of  We have enjoyed and learned lots of great ideas from her YouTube Videos.

Proactive Parenting Tip


  • – A great website to learn what your kids are saying in internet and instant message slang.


Featured Segment

Our interview today is with Devin Dabney.  We made sure to talk about the number one thing our listeners asked us to bring up…socialization.  Plus, we cover a great deal more.

Eric’s Takeaway:

Dad’s need to be involved. At minimum as the principle. At best as a teacher and principle. Homeschooling happens everywhere, learn to look for teachable moments. Yes, I know…it would be faster to fix this or that thing, to run to the store or complete any number of tasks without taking the time to teach your kids. But, what’s most important to you? Teaching and raising great kids, or marking things off a list?

Marissa’s Takeaway

Homeschooling families can be intentional and actually create socialization opportunities that really meet their kid’s needs.  Socialization really shouldn’t be the concern it is, in fact; numerous studies show that homeschooled kids do better then their peers in social skills  Don’t take our word for it.  Check out this article in the Washington Times..

Community Highlights


  • A back and forth about socialization and homeschoolers. What do you think?
Facebook image of conversation about socialization and homeschoolers.

A quick look at just some of the conversation the community is having about socialization.


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Question: What questions do you have regarding homeschooling?


Our Guest Is

Devin Dabney


The Connected Homeschooling Podcast


Devin is a husband and dad of 6. He and his wife homeschool and Devin is the host of the Connected Homeschooling Podcast. He has also been a speaker at the iHomeschool conference. You can connect with Devin at:


Here’s an extended interview with Devin Dabney.

Resources we put together:

  1. Homeschool Buyers Co-Op: Helps you save money on homeschool curriculum. Membership is free!
  2. is a large website with a variety of resources. You can look at current events in homeschooling, curriculum, and even find local homeschooling groups in your area. It also produces “Practical Homeschooling” Magazine.
  3. Hearts At Home has Christian curriculums for sale at lower prices than many larger stores.
  4. Check Out Science Sparks for fun science experiments. They have great illustrations, instructions, and explain the science behind the fun! They have stuff for almost any age.
  5. We LOVE websites that try to inspire you, and here’s another: Homeschooling-Ideas. Lots of stuff to help you make your style of type of homeschooling the best it can be!
  6. Devin mentioned as a resource to get foreign language exposure and tutoring.   As always, if you have any questions; let us know.