SOP 003: How To Help Your Kids Build and Share Their Christian Faith In The Public School System


Public school shouldn’t make a parents job more difficult.  But, with all the influence of wordily and anti-Christian messages; having our kids anywhere in public makes our job of raising them more challenging.  The Bible never instructs parents to isolate their kids from the world, but to insulate them.  We support public, private and homeschool all the same.  We don’t want to tell you how to parent your kids, we just want to help you be proactive in the decisions you make.  In this episode of the School of Parenting, we talk with a School Board Member of a local school district, who is an amazing Christian husband, father and man.  He raises several great points about the benefits of public school for Christians.

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School of Parenting podcast episode 3.

In This Episode

  • We are joined by Todd Cox to talk about ways Christian parents can be proactive when using the public school system.
  • 10 Free tickets to giveaway for The Parenting Expo coming up March 8 2014 in the Pittsburgh PA area.
  • A couple highlights of our community engagement.
  • A proactive parenting tip to help parents of teens have more engaged conversations with their teens.


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Proactive Parenting Tip

Distracted listening can be very useful when you want to have a  conversation with a teenager.  Kicking or tossing a ball back and forth, playing a low intensity video game, driving around in a car…all of these are great times to “talk” with teens.  They feel safer if you’re not completely focused on them.  They’re not worried as much that you might be judging them.


Featured Segment


Eric’s Takeaway


Eric here:  I picked up on a recurring theme.  Involved Parents have Evolved kids.  Now, you can cross a line here.  The line is who fixes problems and faces consequences.  If mom or dad is constantly running in and solving every problem and is always saying “my kid would never….”  That’s a helicopter parenting is going to have kids who never become mature adults.  But a parent who is present and aware and supportive while their kids are facing and solving problems…these are parents of future mature adults.


Marissa’s Takeaway

Marissa here: I loved the fact that Todd talked about the fact that if your kids are in a public school then they will be able to “practice” sharing their faith, and having their beliefs tested. They are able to go to school and defend, or live out their beliefs on their own; but then come home to mom and dad and have them there to coach and support them in that. Many kids leave their homes holding onto their parents beliefs and are not sure what they personally believe, and then must go through that learning process solo.


Community Highlights

  • Thanks to Jackie Bledsoe for reviewing the Podcast in iTunes.  
  • On Twitter: we have a couple new followers.  Thanks Micah Hasty and Donnie Bryant just to name a few.  Plus, we appreciate the shout out we got from Brett Faris during a Family Life Campus Group we were facilitating for New Pointe Community Church in Canton.

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Question:  What have you done to help insulate and prepare your kids for living in a broken world?  Any great books you and your kids love?



Our Guest Is

Todd Cox

Todd can be reached for questions at:

Todd is currently serving on the Board of Education for the New Philadelphia Schools in Ohio.  He just rotated off of his term as President of the School Board.

You can ask Todd questions and/or thank him for supporting by being a guest when you email him. (Click Here to email Todd)

Todd Cox



Here is our extended interview with Todd Cox:



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