SOP 002: 7 Rings of Marriage (Say What? What’s This Got To Do With Parenting?)

It might seem strange at first to have a marriage episode in a parenting podcast, especially for the second episode.  But having a marriage centered home is the best environment you can give to kids.  We are joined by Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe who talk with us about their 7 Rings of Marriage.

Having a road map for your marriage makes knowing where you are and where to make corrections so much easier.  The 7 Rings of Marriage will help any couple increase their chance for a happy and successful marriage.

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Why Your Spouse Should Come Before Your Kids

A parenting podcast episode all about marriage.

We almost always get some pushback when we talk about this….at first.  It just sounds weird or even heartless to say that our spouse should come before our kids.  But, when the kids are treated as if they are more important than your spouse, both start to believe it.  Do kids have seasons when they require more amounts of focus and energy than your spouse?  Yes of course.  However, these seasons of time are very short and very infrequent.

When you put your spouse first:

  1. You’ll significantly increase the chance your marriage will be healthy and enjoyable when the kids are old enough to move out.
  2. Your kids learn how to treat and be treat by their future spouse.
  3. Kids learn they aren’t the center of the universe, and develop stronger coping skills for challenges in their adult life.
  4. When you and your spouse have less stress in the marriage, you’ll have less stress in your parenting.
  5. Often, when a spouse isn’t getting the emotional support they need as an adult human being from their spouse, they expect their kids to fulfill this need.

Our Guests

Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe

Marriage Experts:
Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe


Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe can be contacted at:

7 Rings of Marriage

Click here for the post on Jackie’s blog about the 7 Rings of Marriage

  1. Engagement RING
  2. Wedding RING
  3. DiscoveRING
  4. PerserveRING
  5. RestoRING
  6. ProspeRING
  7. MentoRING


 Question: What was your big takeaway?  Have a specific question for Jackie or Stephana about the 7 Rings of Marriage?





Here’s the extended interview with Jackie and Stephana:

Here are the resources they mentioned:


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  • Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

    Hey guys, thanks again for having us on the show. Several people have told me they’ve listened to this episode and it was a blessing to them.

    • Eric Dingler


      I know that Marissa and I have gotten a lot out of the 7 Rings of Marriage. Thanks for being on the podcast.

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  • Donnie Bryant

    Yep, definitely a blessing. Also, this is the most fun I’ve EVER had listening to a podcast.

    I can’t wait to hear more from both the Bledsoes and the Dinglers.

    Keep pressing!

    • Eric Dingler


      Thanks for the comment and compliment. We want to continue delivering the best podcast we can to you and other listeners; may I ask what you liked most? What could we improve on?

      Thanks, we always appreciate your comments here. ​

      • Donnie Bryant

        Obviously, the topic is great. Insights that I can apply to my own situation right away. It’s also truth that resonates: I have vivid memories of going through some those rings. Now I have the framework for those experiences and for the ones yet to come.

        Getting new perspectives is important. We all like to hear our worldview confirmed (confirmation bias), but it’s good for us to consider new paradigms.

        I really enjoyed the chemistry: you sounded like friends chatting in the family room. Sometimes podcasts/interviews come across as forced and unnatural, even insincere. There were a few “Hey, I never thought about it that way” moments, which were refreshing and winsome.

        It wouldn’t be very helpful for me to skip over the improvements you could make, but I really can’t think of anything. You deliver lots of value without the icky side effects. You didn’t over-promise and under-deliver; I didn’t feel cheated out of 45 minutes. Even so, I’m curious to know more about the topic you discussed. That curiosity is a good thing. (As you well know, there’s a difference between wanting more and being disappointed.)

        Well done on all counts.

        • Eric Dingler


          Thanks for your feedback. We are so blessed to have you as a listener and a member of our community.